Mandela Group boosts USPA Road Safety Campaign

The Mandela Group has boosted the USPA road safety campaign with a token of 5 million Uganda Shillings ahead of the Roady safety events.

USPA members will engage in a couple of activities where they will remember their fallen partners ina requiem mass at Christ the King church then followed by sensitisation activities where they will hold painting of Zebra crossings various parts of Uganda.

They will also renovate the USPA monument in Lugazi with a message clear to all toad users about the road Safety and the proper use of road signs.

According to the Mandela Group marketing manager Herbert Bashasha, he emphasized USPA members to hold more sensitisation programs on all their media platforms so that we can reduce on the road accidents.

“Road Safety has always been our number one in supporting you and I wish as you are in charge may your reign take USPA to another level. It’s now 13 years in this partnership as Mandela Group and USPA,” said Bashasha.

I would like to urge the USPA members to Sensitive people on how to use the roads through their media platforms. We still face accidents because people don’t know how to use the roads, let’s respect each other on the roads and also respect speed limits as we follow the sign posts.” 

“I thank the media fraternity for your solidarity and support for this road safety campaign.” He added 

The package 5M UGX package from Mandela Group of Companies will include 3.5 M in cash, 100 T-Shirts to be worn by USPA members during the campaign and 100 reflector Jackets which will be distributed to Boda Boda riders. The package will also come with a trophy to be competed for and Ball alongside supreme flour which will be distributed to the locals in Lugazi.

Despite the celebrations, USPA will head to Lugazi as they mourn a staunch supporter in the road safety campaign Abdul Mubarak. 

“An arabian descent, Mubarak has been helping us so much in mobilising the community in Lugazi and taking us through various offices, he has been so instrumental to the USPA road safety campaigns but unfortunately Allah called him and we have lost such a great person to USPA.” Said Sabiiti the former USPA president.

The road safety campaign is returning after a four years hiatus and it will be supported by the ministry of works and transportas earlier launched in an eventful affair held at Cooper Chimney Restaurant in Lugogo under the theme ‘take responsibility on the road’ which is brought up in awareness of the road users.

The minister of Works and transport Gen. Katumba Wamala thanked the USPA fraternity for creating awareness to road users in the road safety campaign.

Gen. Katumba Wamala speaking at the launch of the Road Safety Campaign

“I thank USPA and it’s partners who have joined this effort for the cause on our roads. It has now become a habit that in all roads everyday we experience a hefty accident, I would like to thank USPA for choosing road safety campaign as an are of awareness to the community.” Said Katumba Wamala.

USPA President Alsayed Lubega revealed that the activations for the campaign will happen in August. This will include media activations to sensitize motorists on road safety, and processions for the same cause (2nd and 4th August respectively). On 3rd August, the association will hold a requiem mass for the deceased colleagues with those who fell prey to road carnages in mind.

“The intention of the campaign is to advocate for order and responsibility amongst motorists while on the road. I believe that we as media have a big role to play in creating awareness about road safety in this country. USPA is taking the barton to escalate this message and this cause will circulate to each and every Ugandan so as to prevent avoidable carnages in the future,” Lubega said before thanking the partners for joining the cause.

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