The 7th Outing of Uganda Corporate League attracts Managers with the Netball competition on board

The 7th outing of the Uganda Corporate League ushered in the Netball competition as it was the latest addition on the menu which has vast number of sports like Tug of war, Volleyball, Basketball, and Football at the MUBS playgrounds in Nakawa.

Netball was a magnetic pull as it attracted most of the female director and managers in the various companies to come out of their offices and go back down the memory lane to usher in their fading skills.

Ms. Alikiza Lubega (GK) the Statistics Uganda Director in action

It also served as a platform for companies to engage in healthy competition while fostering relationships beyond the boardroom with the highlight of the day being the Basketball competition which saw a couple of corporate companies enter into the last stage of the finals as it brought a new level of excitement to the league.

Dennis Mbidde, the Chairman of the Uganda Corporate League, expressed his gratitude towards the sponsors that have made the event possible. Nile Breweries and Pepsi were acknowledged for their steadfast support, contributing to the success and growth of the league. 

Mbidde also emphasized that the league’s primary goal is to promote physical well-being and health among employees while providing an avenue for companies to engage in friendly competition.

“We started abit late due to the Marathon where most of our companies also take part but we have managed to cope up with time and as you see the Basketball games have now reached the final round.” Said Dennis Mbidde

“On our seventh outing, we have managed to add the game of Netball as you are very aware that Volleyball reached its climax, we are also looking forward to adding some games like swimming before the year ends.” He added.

The Tug of War game, a classic test of strength and teamwork, involved companies pitting their might against each other by pulling a rope from opposing ends. The spectacle captivated the audience and participants alike, adding an element of fun and camaraderie to the event. The game showcased the determination and spirit of the competing companies, further solidifying the league’s reputation as a unique and engaging sporting event.

The Kids Corporate League, a segment designed to encourage young talent and promote a healthy lifestyle from a young age kept the kids engaged and also enjoying the day.

The Uganda Corporate League has established itself as an annual gathering that unites companies from different sectors in a spirit of sportsmanship. The event fosters an environment where individuals can showcase their athletic talents, engage in healthy competition, and build lasting connections with fellow professionals.

The seventh outing climaxed with alot of entertainment from the Nile Breweries tent were all the revellers were entertained in a musical show with performances from Ykee Benda.

It also United a couple of big personnel’s in the sector of sports in Uganda with one of the celebrated events security officer Dickson Bond Okello also in attendance.

FIFA/CAF Security Officer Dickson Bond Okello (orange Jacket) in attendance

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