DanceSport: Breaking For Gold Championships to open door for World Breaking Championships 

The second edition of the Breaking for Gold National Championships will be a crucial time as B-boys and B-girls will be vying at the WDSF World Breaking Championships.

The second edition is slated to take place on September 3rd at Ludo beach in Entebbe wit participants who qualified in their respective regions will be taking on the top seeded B-boys and B-girls in the country 

Thirty-two (32) B-boys and sixteen (16) B-girls qualified from their respective regions, and they will be battling for a slot to represent Uganda at the WDSF World Breaking Championship in Leuven, Belgium, slated for September 23, 2023.

According to Barnabas Ssebuyungo, general secretary of the Uganda DanceSport Federation, the federation decided to take the sport to the beach with the main goal of bringing dancesport to places where people can enjoy and get drawn to the activity.

“Since it will be a Sunday and the students are on holidays, we decided to take the sport to the beach with the aim of introducing the sport to a new audience”. Said Barnabas Ssebuyungo, USDF General Secretary.

B-boy Ndawula emerged as the champion of the 2022 UDSF Breaking For Gold National Championship. Champion.

UDSF, one of the youngest federations in Uganda, has hit the ground running with the National Team (Uganda DanceSport Cranes) showcasing moves at the 2021 World DanceSport Championships in Paris.

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