Startling results from the Africa Games: Senegal defeats South Sudan and Uganda stuns Nigeria.

Get ready for some thrilling football action at the African Games in Accra!

In a stunning upset, the Ugandan U20 side secured an unexpected victory over powerhouse Nigeria with a score of 2-1.

The determined performance of the Ugandan team showcased remarkable resilience and skill, leaving the Nigerian team in shock.

Meanwhile, former champions Senegal clinched a hard-fought 1-0 victory over South Sudan, proving their mettle as experienced contenders in the competition.

As anticipation mounts for the upcoming fixtures, Nigeria is set to face South Sudan, while Uganda prepares to take on Senegal in what promises to be another electrifying matchup.

The excitement continues on Friday as hosts Ghana go head-to-head with Congo, while Gambia clashes with Benin, offering fans a feast of footballing action at the African Games.

Stay tuned for more nail-biting moments and unexpected results as the competition heats up!

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