Ug.shs 570M prize claimed by Kawempe Muslim SS in 2024 CAF Schools Football Tournament

Kawempe Muslim Secondary School has etched their name in the record books by securing a remarkable third-place finish and claiming the prestigious bronze medal at the highly anticipated 2024 CAF African Schools Football Championships held in Zanzibar.

This outstanding achievement not only brings immense pride to the school but also rewards them with a substantial cash prize of USD 150,000 (equivalent to at least Ugx 570,000,000), a testament to their exceptional performance on the field.

Under the guidance of their revered coach, Ayub Khalifan Kiyingi, the talented team from Kawempe Muslim displayed their prowess in the bronze medal match, emerging victorious with a hard-fought 1-0 triumph over Tanzania’s Fountain Gate School.

It was Cynthia Kirenga’s well-timed and skillful goal that proved to be the decisive moment in the intense battle for third place.

Although they faced disappointment in the semifinals with a narrow 0-1 defeat against Morocco, Kawempe Muslim showcased great resilience and determination throughout the tournament.

The final witnessed an exhilarating clash between Morocco and South Africa, with the latter ultimately securing a thrilling victory after a dramatic penalty shootout, following a 1-1 draw in regular time.

Stepping onto the podium with pride, the triumphant South African team claimed the coveted gold medals, a magnificent trophy, and a substantial cash prize of $300,000.

Meanwhile, Morocco’s impressive performance earned them the silver medal along with a prize of $200,000.

The prestigious CAF African Schools Championship, initiated by Dr. Patrice Motsepe in 2022, has proved to be a remarkable platform for developing organized football at the school level for both boys and girls across the continent.

Dr. Motsepe himself, the esteemed president of CAF, graced the tournament’s final match, witnessing the immense talent and passion on display.

As the enthusiastic contingent from Kawempe Muslim SS prepares to return home, they carry with them not only the bronze medal but also the memories of their exceptional journey and the invaluable experience gained from this tournament of extraordinary significance.

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