Mbalangu’s Mission Continues: NEC FC’s Faithful Choice

The NEC FC management has made a decisive statement regarding Hussein Mbalangu’s future, confirming him as the head coach for the 2024/25 season.

The team’s impressive performance in its inaugural season, finishing 6th in the premier league and reaching the final of the Stanbic Uganda Cup, has earned Mbalangu the trust and support of the club’s leadership.

Club Chairman Eng. Brian Buhanda expressed his satisfaction with Mbalangu’s performance, stating that the team has shown significant growth and potential for improvement.

Lieutenant General Brian Mugira, the club patron, also extended his support to the team, acknowledging their achievements in their first season.

Mbalangu has expressed his gratitude towards the club’s management and staff, acknowledging their unwavering support throughout the season.

He is already planning for the upcoming season, targeting new signings to strengthen the squad and improve the team’s performance.

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