Big changes for CAF Interclub competitions! See the new season dates and how many teams qualify from your country.

Attention, football analysts and data enthusiasts. Mark your calendars!

The eagerly awaited 2024/2025 CAF Interclub season kicks off in August 2024.

The season follows a well-established format, starting with a Preliminary Round on August 16th-18th, 2024.

Teams will then battle it out in the Group Stages followed by a Knockout Phase, culminating in the Finals held between March-May 2025.

Looking at team allocation, the top 12 ranked CAF member associations, as per the official rankings, will be eligible to send two clubs each to both the Champions League and the Confederation Cup.

This ensures a high level of competition with established powerhouses and emerging talents vying for the coveted trophies.

A significant change in the format is the cancellation of the second preliminary round for the Confederation Cup.

This means teams eliminated from the Champions League’s second round will no longer automatically qualify for the Confederation Cup.

This revision is expected to increase the overall competitiveness of both tournaments.

For a detailed breakdown of team allocation and registration windows, please refer to the official CAF announcement.

The upcoming season promises a fascinating display of African footballing prowess

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